• Puts fire out on contact

  • No heavy dispensers

  • No messy liquids

  • Washes away w/water

  • Extended Shelf Life

  • Environmentally safe

As effective as a fire extinguisher without the bulk, hassle or mess!


Puts fire out on contact!  Non-corrosive Halon alternative!

(Zero H2O Corporation's FireOut)


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Go Anywhere

Moisture Proof

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About FireOut


FireOut, your first line of fire prevention!

FireOut puts fire out on contact, and offers numerous advantages over older fire prevention technologies like bulky fire extinguishers.  FireOut can be stored almost anywhere without the normal worries of heat, humidity, corrosion, environmental pollutants or expiration.   FireOut is extremely light weight (MagicBag weighs only 4 oz), takes up 95% less space and weight then a standard home fire extinguisher, easy to handle, has an extended shelf life (up to 10 times that of an ordinary fire extinguisher), does not need or require dangerous pressurized bulky containers, and can be safely stored almost anywhere!  And for your electronic care and security, FireOut is non-corrosive unlike Halon products used in 99.99% of all fire extinguishers!

FireOut is a fine granular powder that is non-harmful to animals or humans and comes in its own easy-open container which is also easy to handle and apply while powerful enough to put out grease, gas, oil and most other small fires on contact.   FireOut is environmentally safe, washable, and has over a 5 year (minimum) self life.  FireOut sells for under $20.00 per FireOut MagicBag, and comes in various containers including 55 lbs bags for commercial and Fire Department use.  FireOut is perfect for cars, boats, RVs, homes, schools, businesses and Fire Departments.  FireOut is an invaluable tool when it comes to total fire preparedness!

FireOut the next generation of portable fire extinguishers, small enough to stow yet powerful enough to put out most any small fire on contact without the mess! 



Use in homes, office, at the work place, in automobile, and in RVs!




Tomorrow's fire prevention technology today!




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